Lacota Circle

I tried many fonts, and I like this one most, because it’s friendly and relaxed – and in the same time it’s compact
when used on horizontal version. It also goes well when used on round version, kinda like feathers around head, Native American theme.
I used more natural colors instead of bright – see how you like that.

Horizontal version might be used on website and similar, round version will look good on T-shirts.

Here are some variations. Click on image to expand it.

9. Rotated 90 degrees wheel, in-between yellow

9. Rotated 90 degrees wheel, in-between yellow

7. Two-feathers spinning wheel

7. Red color and two feathers

8. Red and Yellow

8. All bright colors

1. Spinning wheel

1. I thought that this medicine wheel is cyclical, so spinning will be a good abstract representation of the whole idea of changing seasons and everything rotating.

2. Spinning wheel with axes

2. Variation of spinning wheel with axes.

3. Spinning wheel with axes and a feather

3. Spinning wheel with axes and a feather.

4. Woven wheel

4. This variation is less abstract. The wheel is woven, handmade, gives a sense of caring.

5. Spiral cross

5. I see that one of the common symbols of Native American culture is this spiral cross. It also spins, only counterclockwise. I thought it’s a good idea to customize it with colors of medicine wheel and some native patterns.

6.Circle with mountains

6. “Handmade” medicine circle with mountains.